TikTok user Kyiah (@kyiahleta) posted the video on Feb. 5. The TikTok featured Kyiah’s co-worker, Chastity Lane, the general manager of their Arby’s store. Lane began her demonstration by grabbing a slice of pita bread and a small container of meat strips.

“To make my process faster, I put them both in the microwave at the same time,” she said. She then placed the pita in the microwave with the paper container of pre-portioned gyro meat on top of it.

After setting the items to cook, Lane took out a piece of wrapping paper and turned it to “the Greek side.” Next, she grabbed accouterments to place on top. “Lettuce here, two tomatoes, two onions, put my Greek seasoning right here,” she said.

When the items in the microwave to finished cooking, she grabbed the pita in one hand and the meat in the other. To speed things up, Lane placed the pita on the paper, squeezed Tzatziki sauce on it, and added the vegetables on top.

She then placed the meat on the sandwich, which she topped off with a dusting of “Greek seasoning.”

Finally, Lane moved the gyro to the corner of the paper and wrapped it up. “And we have the Greek. Bam! Arby’s 6736, baby,” she said.