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Why does this DJ hate EDM so much? Wait for the drop

The “wait for it” moment gets a nice bait-and-switch here.


Audra Schroeder


For the modern DJ, talent is often no longer based on executing a seamless transition from track to track or finding an obscure sample to blow people’s minds. It’s all about creating the sickest drop.

A redditor named mrdvno, a former DJ, decided to turn his disgust at the current landscape of EDM drop-peddlers like Skrillex into parody. He posted his homage to Reddit as a series of mp3s with excellent titles like “A Drop So Epic a Bunch of NYU Bros Already Bought a 3-Day Weekend Pass For It” and “A Drop So Crazy You’ll Kill Your Family.”

He takes extra time with the the build-up, which is the signature of the drop, then does a bait-and-switch when you’re supposed to “lose your mind”:

Like when he drops in a sweet Filet-o-Fish reference:

Or audio from the most heartbreaking scene in Bambi:

Though redditors are in on the joke, there are several confused Soundcloud commenters. Over on his Twitter, where he goes by the name Kevin Wang, fans got the #LateNightTerribleDrops tag trending on Vine last night. Via email, he told the Daily Dot why he decided to explore this trend:

“Epic drops are loads of fun for the DJ to play and the audience to hear, but when it’s all about the drop, as it generally is these days, DJing is less about challenging the listener with something provocative and interesting and more about giving them what they want. When you know what the audience wants, why bother putting together an elaborate melodic transition mixed in key that a grand total of five people will appreciate when you can just raid Beatport’s Top 100 for the most disgusting drop that’s guaranteed a great reaction? Fans after the show would say, ‘Oh, _____ had the best set because his drops were the sickest.’ It was disheartening to be a part of.”

That said, he should totally do a mix with Hennessy Youngman, purveyor of those ‘CVS Bangers’ mixtapes.

“I would really love to,” Wang says. “That CVS mixtape is game-changing. GAME. CHANGING.”

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