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I’m sure they’re just friends.

Relationships are all about communication, caring, loving, and, of course, jealousy. Soooo much jealousy. Especially if your bae has a friend who’s much more attractive than you are. 

In that case, you only have two options: Accuse them of cheating in an uncontrolled rage, or passive-aggressively post something to the internet to help you work through your confusing man-feelings.

There’s even a new meme just for you, so you can share your pain with your fellow cucks. It takes varying forms, but it’s essentially “You vs. the guy she tells you not to worry about”—and if you’re jealous and insecure, it’s just the theme you were looking for.

The first known example of the tweet is from way back in October.

But for some reason it only recently started trending on Twitter. Which, of course, meant it was ripe for parody.

If you really are worried about your lady and some other dude, maybe the best thing to do is invite them both out for brunch and get to the bottom of things. Chances are you’re just paranoid, and if not, well, at least there’ll be mimosas.

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