A woman met Michael B. Jordan after asking Twitter to help her find him

Last week, a woman named Bolu Babalola posted a Photoshopped picture of herself and actor Michael B. Jordan asking Twitter to help her find him. This came as a joke after Twitter helped two girls who met on a cruise ship 12 years ago reunite.

“I met this guy on holiday this summer-we had a such a great connection but I changed my number and we lost touch. Twitter do your thing,” she wrote in a tweet along with the photo.


Although the photo was clearly fake, she insisted it was real. “It’s upsetting me and my homegirls that people think this is photoshop. Please have some respect and stop being so cynical,” she wrote in a subsequent tweet. “Respect romance and stop trying to interrupt the course of true love. What’s understood don’t need to be explained.”


Apparently, you can manifest your destiny because last night, Babalola posted a real photo with none other than Michael B. Jordan. “Ms. Steal Your Man. Case closed,” she said in the caption.

Not only is this incredible, but an inspiration. She didn’t simply wait around for people to bring them together. She went after what she wanted and she actually got it. In this case, it was reuniting with her alleged summer fling who happens to be a famous actor. People on Twitter were also impressed.

If you want to meet your favorite celebrity, it seems all you have to do is post a Photoshopped picture of you two together on Twitter and let the chips fall where they may.

Gabrielle Sorto

Gabrielle Sorto

Gabrielle Sorto is an Atlanta-based freelance writer covering culture, lifestyle, and news. Her work has appeared in CNN, Teen Vogue, INSIDER, and Vice. She can usually be found writing with an overpriced coffee in hand or hanging out with her dog, Rihanna, who is named after exactly who you think.