What does this toy ‘dinosaur’ look like to you?

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Author, illustrator, and BoJack Horseman writer Jonny Sun is in a bit of a conundrum. He won an “extremely strangely proportioned” toy dinosaur (or “leggy boi,” if you will) over at a bowling alley, and he needs Twitter to help roast his new son.

It’s understandable. The toy is shaped a bit like a chicken nugget and its arms are ridiculously tiny compared to its gargantuan, beefy legs. He needs to be shamed.

“I love him,” Sun tweeted. “My son looks like a man in a dinosaur costume.”

Twitter quickly came to Sun’s aid and began dunking on the boi. For one, everyone has questions about why he’s so thicc.

Others users took one look and thought “me irl.”

He’s basically just a really tall dude in a dinosaur outfit.

Or Ted Cruz.

Or maybe he’s just missing arm day.

Of course, a few folks defended the dinosaur and his looks. He has feelings too, y’know.



As for Sun? He’s aware that his leggy boi is going viral, and if his tweets are any indicator, his heart goes out to him.

Leggy boi, we salute you. Even if you look incredibly uncomfortable.


Ana Valens

Ana Valens

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