Sad Ben Affleck with Jennifer Lopez outside next to car

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Sad Affleck is back after the actor was captured looking annoyed by paparazzi

A video of him looking annoyed and then lightly slamming a car door has made its way to a number of social sites.


Tiffany Kelly

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Ben Affleck, after all these years, is still one of the internet’s favorite sad boys.

The Sad Affleck meme took over the internet in 2016 after the actor was captured looking despondent while promoting Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. And, since then, Affleck has given us a lot of other relatable memes while photographed by paparazzi. 

There was the photo of him staring at the ocean while showing off his back tattoo. In the early months of the pandemic, he was seensmoking through a mask. And there are many memes of him balancing a Dunkin’ Donuts order. Now, a video of him looking annoyed and then lightly slamming a car door has made its way to a number of social sites—and people are once again commenting on his apparent mood.

The video, which was reportedly taken on Tuesday, May 9, shows Affleck and Jennifer Lopez walking to a car while out in Santa Monica, each with a coffee in hand. Affleck goes over to the passenger side door and opens it for Lopez. After she gets in, he shuts the door while appearing annoyed. He then goes over to the driver’s side door and looks directly at the camera. He puts his hand up and appears to say, “I think you got it.” 

Over on the TikTok account moviemaniacs, a clip of the video received more than 3 million views. The caption says “Ben Affleck shows chivalry isn’t dead.” But the comments are all about Affleck apparently looking unhappy. “This guy always looks like he’s so tired with his life,” one comment says. Others commented on the way he closed the passenger side door. 

The TikTok clip was reposted to Twitter, where it received more than 17 million views in one viral tweet. “It’s giving gone girl,” one quote tweet said

Why it matters

The internet can quickly lose interest with celebrities and famous people, but it always seems to be interested in Ben Affleck—especially when he appears sad, exasperated, or annoyed. He always shows what he’s thinking on his face, and fans relate to his emotions. It makes sense why Sad Affleck is still a big meme

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