11 times Michelle Obama’s poker face failed during the inauguration

All eyes were on Donald Trump this morning as he took the oath of office and became the nation’s 45th president. All the eyes that weren’t on outgoing first lady Michelle Obama, that is.

As Michelle Obama sat through the inauguration ceremony, she seemed to waver between an attempt at a poker face and a Jim Halpert impersonation, gazing into the camera with a look of exasperation that seemed to speak volumes.

After eight years in the public eye and a very emotional weeklong farewell tour, can you blame her? There’s no doubt she had plenty of thoughts racing through her head as she reentered life as a private citizen. Just, you know, some of those thoughts were also worn pretty plainly in her expressions.

Here are some of Twitter’s favorites.

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Though she and Barack are taking a vacation to Palm Springs, they’ll be back in action at the Obama Foundation upon their return. Keep an eye on Michelle’s newly reclaimed Twitter handle, @MichelleObama, for all of her faces and thoughts over the coming four years.

Monica Riese

Monica Riese

Monica Riese now serves as the Daily Dot’s director of production, having previously been the publication’s entertainment editor and assistant managing editor. She is based in Austin, Texas, and formerly contributed to the Austin Chronicle, where her breaking news work was recognized by the Association of Alternative Newsweeklies.