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Tough kid!

A girl named Ruby was just about to start a kindergarten wrestling match Sunday. It was totally sanctioned sport with a referee and safety equipment and parents watching. No big deal, really. But her 2-year-old brother didn’t understand, and he did what anyone would do if their beloved big sister were in danger: He ran in to break up the fight. It’s adorable to watch.

This scene went down in Columbia City, Indiana, according to HuffPost. The video was filmed by the father of Ruby’s opponent, 5-year-old Ryan Prendergast.

“I was working and missed the match, but when I got home he showed me the video and I knew we had to share it,” Prendergast’s mom, Tori, told HuffPost, adding that “it was so cute.”

Everyone in the gym seemed to agree. Laughs and cheers went up when the little boy made his tackle, and you can hear someone off camera saying “that was the best thing ever.”

Looks like in a few short years, the chivalrous little dude could become a grade-school wrestling star himself.

Jay Hathaway

Jay Hathaway

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