Kai Cenat (inset) NYC crowd background

Kai Cenat Live/YouTube

‘Please pray for the youth’: People react to Kai Cenat’s chaotic PlayStation event with memes

The streamer’s NYC giveaway didn’t go as planned.


Sayou Cooper

Internet Culture

One of Twitch‘s most-watched creators, Kai Cenat, was arrested on Aug. 4. In New York City, he was charged with inciting a riot and promoting an unlawful gathering for his PlayStation giveaway event. Since the incident, reactions on social media have been mixed.

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The Union Square Park meetup went viral and a large crowd filled the area. “U can tell he was regretting it,” a commenter said in @is_maxyrd‘s TikTok video. The post has 2.2 million views and shows Cenat splashed with water from the crowd. Visibly shaken, Cenat disappears into the crowd at the end of the video. Police also arrested 65 other people at the event, according to news reports, many of whom were minors.

@is_maxyrd Not them throwing water at Kai Cenat 😂😂😂#nyc #fyp #fypシ #kaicenat #fanum #nyckaicenat #max ♬ original sound – 😎
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Through his group AMP (Any Means Possible), the social media personality said, “We are deeply disheartened by the outbreak of disorderly conduct that affected innocent people and businesses, and do not condone that behavior.”

On Twitter, others have noted Cenat’s lack of judgment on the event’s planning.

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Others had more comedic takes on the matter. This X user compares Cenat’s star to that of fictional web show host, iCarly.

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