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AOC grilling Mark Zuckerberg cooks up Italian meme

‘*when the mozzarell is fresh*’


Libby Cohen

Internet Culture

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) isn’t Italian, but a new meme may have you thinking otherwise.

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While grilling Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Ocasio-Cortez forged Twitter’s newest meme, and it’s very Italian. Ocasio-Cortez questioned Zuckerberg about political ads on Oct. 23 during a hearing before the House Financial Services Committee. During the hearing, Ocasio-Cortez squinted her eyes and raised her hands in a way that reminded many of their local, Italian pizzeria owner.

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“You announced recently that the official policy of Facebook now allows politicians to pay to spread disinformation in 2020 elections and in the future,” Ocasio-Cortez said around the one minute and 50-second mark in the video.

Over the next few days, Twitter satirically reevaluated Ocasio-Cortez’s nationality.

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“Who knew @AOC was Italian?” Twitter user @peepsalum questioned.

Many found the meme relatable.

“*when the mozzarell is fresh*” Twitter user @fakemikemulloy joked.

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Others jokingly called out the meme and Ocasio-Cortez for cultural appropriation.

“This cultural appropriation by @AOC, a woman of political prominence is extremely insensitive I’m especially offended as an Italian American. Especially around Halloween. If you’re not Italian and using this hand gesture in public you’re a racist bigot and need to be checked,” Twitter user @MikeSaliani joked.

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The gesture lasted for just a second of Ocasio-Cortez’s allotted time of five minutes given to interview Zuckerberg.


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