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‘For the low low price of $75’: Customer orders Five Guys grilled cheese cheeseburger off ‘secret menu’

'This is the reason I had 5 groups of people ask for this today.'


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Posted on Sep 29, 2022   Updated on Sep 29, 2022, 11:15 am CDT

A customer showed off a “special” Five Guys order that combines the chain’s grilled cheese sandwich with its classic burger, resulting in a “grilled cheese cheeseburger.”

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There are other fast-casual burger chains that feature this offering as a menu staple, like Wayback, but if a customer is expecting to get one of these at a Five Guys, they shouldn’t let the fact that it’s technically not an advertised item curtail them. Judging from several social media posts on TikTok, there are plenty of folks who’ve managed to get their hands on a grilled cheese cheeseburger from Five Guys.

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Two such customers are TikTokers Dee (@dee.045) and Jordan (@jor_jor57).

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Dee created a video, saying, “If y’all go to Five Guys, get a grilled cheese cheeseburger.” She shows off the sandwich on the clip, which was eventually stitched by Jordan, who seemingly ordered the same thing.

Jordan looks into the camera while he takes a sip of his beverage. “I’m opening up, for the first time,” he says as he unwraps the burger. The clip then cuts to him taking a bite of the burger.

@jor_jor57 #stitch with @dee.045 ♬ original sound – Jordan
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The video was viewed nearly 7 million times. The majority of the comments seem to focus on the pricing of Five Guys’ menu items.

“Currently saving now. Maybe at tax time I’ll have enough,” one joked.

“For the low low price of $75,” another said.

“Them prices be so high for no reason. Ain’t no way a combo meal should come to 25 dollars,” a third wrote.

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According to Fast Food Menu Prices, a hamburger at Five Guys costs $6.00 (as of September 2022), and cheeseburgers are $7.69. Insider covered the “off-menu” grilled cheese cheeseburger in October of 2021 and noted that, at the time, it cost $8.39 for the grilled cheese cheeseburger—$5.39 for a grilled cheese and then an additional $3 for the patty. In Texas, the grilled cheese is currently $6.49, and the patty is $2.50, bringing the total to $8.99.

Delish also reported there’s a “secret” menu at Five Guys that contains several items and sandwich combinations that aren’t directly advertised to patrons. The grilled cheese cheeseburger, aka the patty melt, is on that list, along with customizations like “The Presidential,” which was apparently the favorite order of former President Barack Obama. “The Presidential” is a cheeseburger with lettuce, tomato, jalapeno peppers, and mustard. Then there’s the “Artery Annihilator,” which is said to have been popularized by a Reddit user who worked at Five Guys and consists of a bacon cheeseburger with a split hot dog placed on top of it.

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If you’re an In-N-Out Burger fan and are craving a double double animal style, then you can get pretty close to that flavor at Five Guys by ordering a cheeseburger with sides of mayo, ketchup, and relish. After mixing all of these together you’ll craft a concoction similar to what the Southern California chain serves up. If you’re a fan of crunchier fries, you can reportedly order them to be “well done,” and if you’re counting carbohydrates, you can order a burger bowl so that you can create a chopped beef salad.

In addition to folks commenting on Five Guys’ prices, there were several other users who saw the video and said they never once considered crafting this custom order on their own. Other folks started rattling off their own personalized orders, too.

“This is the single most important thing I learned on TikTok,” one said.

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“I worked at five guys and this was a must. also added Cajun seasoning on my patty. yesss,” another said.

There were also Five Guys employees who said that they received an uptick in requests for this particular order and remarked that it was probably because Jordan’s clip went viral.

“I work at 5 guys and have been so confused of how everyone know about this I swear we get so many people asking for this now,” one said.

“This is the reason i had 5 groups of people ask for this today,” another claimed.

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This isn’t the first time that a menu “hack” went viral on TikTok and sparked a wave of new orders from customers at particular franchises. Chipotle’s “discount burrito” became such a widespread problem at locations that the chain prevented folks from ordering it online.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Jordan via TikTok comment and Five Guys via Instagram direct message for more information.

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*First Published: Sep 29, 2022, 11:14 am CDT