Donald Trump’s mysterious orb incident was predicted on Twitter last week

In Donald Trump‘s 2017, we’ve long past left the surreal behind, and now are trapped in some Dadaist dream sequence, where both life and art exist on a Mobius strip of influence, with no one sure who is imitating what anymore, or whether it even matters.

Case in point: Donald Trump’s orb incident yesterday.

When the president placed his hands on a glowing sphere in Saudi Arabia, no one was sure if this was business as usual, or if the world had entered some sort of Captain America-Twin Peaks crossover episode. It’s something no one could have seen coming, and yet, one person did predict it a week ago.

That was tweeted over a week before the orb incident.

@Nice_mustard was bemused as hell this weekend.

How indeed? Twitter was perhaps even more uncomfortable about it.

Perhaps mustard put it best.

In a long line of them.

David Covucci

David Covucci

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