Baby Gronk with helmet on and arms out in front of blue background


A TikToker’s video about ‘Baby Gronk’ became a meme sensation

‘Baby Gronk rizzed up Livvy.’


Sayou Cooper

Internet Culture

“I hate that this is somehow important to someone.”

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TikToker @h00pify‘s March 17 video is making the rounds on Twitter, along with his other zealous commentary on 10-year-old football protege, “Baby Gronk”. Madden San Miguel, who goes by the nickname Baby Gronk, is a social media football sensation with 318,000 Instagram followers. His recent visit to Louisiana State University and meetup with 20-year-old American gymnast Livvy Dune is apparently major news for @h00pify.

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@h00pify Do you think Baby Gronk will lead LSU to a National Championship? #livvy #livvydunne #babygronk #rizz #rizzking #lsu #lsufootball #collegefootball #louisianastateuniversity #football #henrydetolla #h00pify #detolla ♬ Nfl Theme – Official Sports Bar Version – Playin' Buzzed

“This feels like ai,” said a commenter.

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In the video which has 2.2 million views, creator Henry De Tolla describes how “Livvy Dunne just convinced Baby Gronk to commit to LSU.” With his ardent eye contact, strobe light captions, and just the nature of the topic—many are having trouble discerning the seriousness of the video.

“Poster is in a hostage negotiation video,” another top comment reads from De Tolla’s video. The creator’s other videos on the ‘Baby Gronk’/Livvy Dunne rizz episode has become Twitter’s new meme of the week.

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Specifically, users are highlighting the creator’s gripping sentence composition.
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While the Canada wildfires rage on and the U.S. election cycle continues, @h00pify posed an important question—”Is ‘Baby Gronk’ the new drip king?”

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