Los Angeles resident says they ‘made’ $152 in a week by leaving $0 tips everywhere they went

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‘You’re an inspiration to us all’: Los Angeles resident says they ‘made’ $152 in a week by leaving $0 tips everywhere they went

‘There’s no way you left $0 on a $300+ meal…’


Charlotte Colombo


A TikToker has gone viral after showing how much money they “saved” from not tipping. In the video, which has amassed 75,200 views, the aptly named @idonttip shared their dedication to the craft by showing all the places they went to that week in which they refused to tip.

This consisted of restaurant/cafes like Steroscope, Republique, Zinc, UKTA, and Kreation Organic. After giving us a glimpse at all these establishments the user did a supercut of them giving workers a big fat zero in terms of tips.

By doing this, the TikToker said that they “saved” $152 by not giving workers gratuities. But it’s unclear how they came to that figure. The user didn’t immediately respond to the Daily Dot’s request for comment via TikTok comment.

@idontip How much money I made in a week of leaving Zero Dollars Tips 💸 Ep 8. Making Money #zerodollarstips #coffee #dinner #restaurant #losangeles #money ♬ Nasty – Tinashe

Viewers debate over tipping

Meanwhile, in the comments section, viewers were divided. Some greatly appreciated this attitude toward tipping, with one commenter saying the user is “an inspiration to us all.”

On the other side, commenters were shocked at the user’s extravagant spending habits compared to their lack of tips.

“There’s no way you left $0 on a $300+ meal,” one wrote.

Otherwise, numerous commenters saw the video as an opportunity to share some of their own thoughts on tipping etiquette.

“Tip when served at a sit down restaurants. no tip any time else,” one said.

“Maybe tip for to-go meals at small family owned businesses.”

By contrast, another commenter suggested, “You gotta tip at sit downs places where they serve and clean up after you. If you can’t afford to tip 15% at least try 11-12%?”

While a third added, “I get no tip policy if they are not serving, but no tip on a regular restaurant is devious.”

There are no laws surrounding tipping in L.A., but there are definitely some best practices to consider. For instance, the travel site Intrepid Travel recommends leaving a 15 to 20% tip for restaurant, cafe, and diner servers. But @idonttip isn’t the only person who feels frustrated by L.A.’s tipping practices.

In a post on r/foodLosAngeles, one Redditor described the tipping culture in L.A. as “out of control.”

“I’m so sick of people who are doing nothing more than the mere basic requirements of their job (and getting paid in full for it) who casually flip the screen around at the end of a transaction and expect me to tip them some crazy amount, such as 20%, 25%, or 30%,” they wrote.

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