Five Guys employee reaching out for potatoes with caption 'why do you keep the potatoes in the lobby?' (l) Five Guys building with sign (c) Five Guys employee carrying potatoes with caption 'it shows our customers we have the freshest products and we cut them daily!' (r)

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‘That’ll be $600.16’: Five Guys shares why it keeps the potatoes in the lobby. It backfires

‘It shows we can afford 200 bags of potatoes because we charge $25 for a burger.’


Brooke Park


Five Guys’ TikTok boasting about its fresh-cut fries seemed to fail aggressively on TikTok. Once again, people are condemning the American fast-food chain for its high prices.

In the video, which has reached over 1.4 million views, the official Five Guys’ TikTok account @fiveguys asks an employee why the restaurant keeps the potatoes in the lobby. The worker replies, saying that it proves Five Guys fries are the freshest around as she carries the sack of potatoes away.

@fiveguys Ever wonder why we keep the potatoes in the lobby? #fiveguys #potato #faq ♬ Speed Trap (No Vocals) – Jessie Shapiro & Rob Shore

But viewers suggested alternative motives in the comments section.

“No y’all just got no storage in the back,” one user stated.

“That’ll be $600.16,” a second viewer quipped.

“It shows we can afford 200 bags of potatoes because we charge $25 for a burger,” another commenter said.

And that viewer is partially correct. Fresh ingredients and customizability both lead to higher prices at Five Guys, according to the Daily Mail. But not everyone agrees on whether Five Guys delivers the quality the customer’s extra cash pays for.

Five Guys has withstood a history of criticism regarding the company’s pricey products. Starting late in 2022, a succession of viral TikToks revealed customers’ intense dissatisfaction with the cost of Five Guys, and one TikToker claimed she paid $70 for two meals. Another claimed her Five Guys order amounted to “highway robbery.”

Some also questioned the true freshness of the company’s food. Five Guys did not respond immediately to a request for comment from The Daily Dot.

“I have seen people jump, lean and touch these bags,” one commenter criticized. “I wouldn’t call that fresh.”

“Might as well just have the cows stay in the lobby to show that the meat is fresh right,” another added.

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