Expert shares which country has all the ‘lazy girl jobs’

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‘72 weeks…paid… what!!!’: Expert shares which country has all the ‘lazy girl jobs’

‘I’m leaving.’


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When it comes to global labor productivity, the United States is an undeniable powerhouse. However, alongside this achievement lies a stark reality: America lags significantly behind many of its counterparts in providing social protections and paid leave policies.

According to 2022 data, the U.S. ranks at the bottom when it comes to paid leave benefits among developed nations. Shockingly, it remains the only “developed” country without statutory paid leave and, as a cherry on top, has the second-lowest number of paid vacation days in the world.

In a recently viral video, TikTok user Gabrielle Judge (@gabrielle_judge), also known as “Anti Work Girlboss,” pointed out this discrepancy by comparing the benefits of working in Germany versus the United States.

What countries have the lazy girl jobs? Which has the most paid leave?

“You’re working in the wrong country. You all need to be working in Germany; I learned today,” Judge declares in her video, highlighting Germany’s generous sick leave policies. “Under Germany’s burnout leave policy, employees who are suffering from burnout can take up to 72 weeks of paid leave.”

According to Medium, “This policy is not mandated by law, but it is based on agreements between employers and employees or their representatives.”

“During this time, workers receive their full salary and are expected to undergo therapy or counseling to cope with their stress and improve their well-being,” the article further states.

But that’s not all. Judge does a swift internet search about Germany’s parental leave benefits, revealing another staggering fact: “Up to three years per child! I’ve decided it. I’m German. I’m leaving,” she remarks in the video.

Judge criticizes the disparity between American and German work cultures, urging her audience to demand a better work-life balance. “Our nation has decided that [work-life balance] is not important,” she claims. “We’ve had presidents from both political parties since 2019, so I just, I don’t know what we’re waiting on.”

In the comments section, viewers shared their own frustrations with the American work environment. One wrote, “I’ve been with a company for almost 10 years and only have seven vacation days…”

“Meanwhile my boss gaslights me for burning out and lectures me when I use my PTO,” a second added.

@gabrielle_judge To find your next lazy girl job, move to germany! #9to5 #worklifebalance #careeradvice #jobsearchtips ♬ original sound – Anti Work Girlboss

“Cries in American,” a third quipped.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Gabrielle Judge via email for comment.

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