Chipotle customer walks out mid-order after worker gives him ‘half’ scoops

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‘She knew it was wrong’: Chipotle customer walks out mid-order after worker gives him ‘half’ scoops

‘Is that fine?’


Stacy Fernandez


People are getting fed up with Chipotle’s small-portion antics. This man decided he wasn’t gonna take it anymore.

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As many internet users have noted, it seems customers get less and less food each time you go into a Chipotle, but the prices are only going up. The Daily Dot has written dozens upon dozens of Chipotle-related articles, and plenty of them feature someone complaining about the once-beloved Mexicanish food spot.

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When it’s not online orders having smaller portions compared to orders placed in the restaurant it’s customers being charged extra to get a decent protein portion or receiving messed up orders with the wrong toppings.

Barstool sports journalist Jack Mac theorized that Chipotle was in its golden era between 2013 and 2018 when the brand was known for big portions, great quality, and fresh ingredients—but now it’s facing a downfall that he thinks will eventually be studied in business schools.

It turns out the numbers tell a different story. Chipotle’s gross profits have been the highest they’ve ever been, according to data from Macrotrends. Profits fluctuated up until March 2021 and have been on a steady rise since.

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Well, one customer in particular is adamant about getting their money’s worth at the chain restaurant—and there will be consequences if his standards aren’t met.

In a viral video that has nearly 6 million views, Sean (@seans_lif3) shows what it’s like to get a Chipotle bowl nowadays.

He started with some cilantro lime white rice, but as the server scooped it, it was almost like they let half the rice fall off the serving spoon on purpose before putting it in the bowl.

“Is that fine?” the worker checked with Sean about the portion size.

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As one commenter pointed out, “The ‘is that fine?’ After the initial scoop of rice even she knew it was wrong.”

“That first scoop of rice was crazy ngl,” another said.

Sean asked for “a little more” rice, which took him from what looked like a half portion to a regular portion.

Next up were the beans and chicken, both of which the person also seemed to give him a half portion. Seeing the paltry portions he’d have to pay full price for, Sean sighed and decided to just walk out and not finish his order.

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“I’m OK, I’m good,” he said as he walked out.

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“Wanna half scoop? Throw that sh*t away then :)” the text overlay on the video read.

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The video has more than 7,300 comments, and a whole lot of people agree with Sean that the portions have gotten way too small.

“No cuz that’s why I started going to cava,” a top comment read, referring to the Mediterranean bowl chain.

“This is how all chipotle’s have been lately,” a person said.

“I work at chipotle and they do be on us with the portions, but that’s INSANE,” another added.

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“Still don’t understand why they don’t just use a measuring cup. Accuracy every time,” a commenter chimed in, echoing what people have been saying for years.

The Daily Dot reached out to Sean for comment via TikTok comment and to Chipotle via email.

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