Why doesn't chipotle hit like it used to? (Customer says chipotle's portion sizes, quality and freshness has gotten worse)

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‘Chipotle’s fall off needs to be studied’: Customer says Chipotle’s portion sizes, quality, and freshness have gotten worse over the years

‘If you got a burrito from Chipotle in 2014, it was the size of a football.’


Jack Alban


Jack Mac (@jackmacbarstool) wants a moment of silence for Chipotle. The Barstool sports journalist says that the chain’s downfall should be studied in “business schools” and “boardrooms” all over America for just how badly it’s fallen off over the years.

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The stark contrast between the offerings Chipotle dishes out to customers today versus its “golden era” between 2013 and 2018, Mac contends, is perhaps one of the biggest fumbles of all time.

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“One day there’s gonna be a documentary about the fall off of Chipotle,” he begins.

He says “peak” Chipotle was in the early to mid-2010s, saying, “It was special…The portion size, the freshness, the quality.

“If you got a burrito from Chipotle, in 2013 and 2014, it would be the size of a football,” he says. “And now you get a burrito and it’s tiny. It’s made for ants.”

According to the TikToker, portion sizes aren’t the only problems that have contributed to the downfall of Chiptole, either.

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“And to make things worse, the food isn’t even good anymore,” he claims. “It’s…I don’t even…it’s the fall…it’s one of the most…the biggest falls ever.”

Mac’s disappointment in the food quality, portion control, and overall experience is shared by many others who’ve taken to social media and blasted the chain. For example, some customers were shocked to be charged $25 for a burrito bowl, highlighting how the fast-casual chain has become much too expensive to regularly afford.

Some say they were charged full price for incomplete orders, like one customer who ordered a quesadilla and received a food container with a slop of ingredients, but no tortilla or cheese.

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Im sorry Chipotle. I really am.

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One Redditor asked bluntly in a late 2023 post uploaded to the site/s r/Chipotle sub, “Why does Chipotle food suck now?” And numerous Chiptole customers have theorized, and tested, that the chain is intentionally giving online order customers less food than in person.

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In fact, some employees of the chain have purportedly said that they were told outright by management to give mobile order customers less bang for their buck.

Despite all of the hate that’s been thrown Chipotle’s way, the chain has been doing very well financially: The company’s Q4 2023 earnings were in and there was a 15.4% increase from its Q4 2022 intake. If there are, indeed, fewer people dining at the Mexican-style chain, then the company could be making that up with its higher profit margins on raised menu item pricing.

In a February 2024 article, CNBC wrote that Chipotle’s CEO, Brian Niccol, thinks the franchise’s customers are happy with the cost of its offerings: “Niccol conceded that it has been a tricky business environment over the past two years as inflation persists, but said he thinks Chipotle customers are satisfied with the cost of its food. Chipotle announced in October of last year it would increase prices to offset inflation after a year without any hikes, but didn’t share the exact higher costs.”

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In fact, Niccol went on to state that patrons perceived Chipotle to be a “terrific value” and that folks believed they were getting the best bang for their burrito buck with the chain: “What we hear back, time and time again, is when we do great culinary, terrific speed, terrific customization, at the prices we’ve been able to maintain, we’re really affordable and folks view us as a terrific value. So, we keep a really close eye on that, and I think you’re seeing that in our transactions as a result of it.”

However, many echoed Mac’s sentiments, with a user commenting, “We went from having Chipotle once a week to 4 times a year.”

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Another remarked, “My chipotle bowl would last 2-3 meals in college. Now it’s cold & gross by the time Door Dash arrives.”

One TikToker said you can enjoy the glory of fat-portioned Mexican fare if they just hit up another popular franchise.

“People really missing out on Qdoba,” they said. “The birria they added on the menu is really good.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Chipotle via email and Jack Mac via Instagram direct message.

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