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‘She spent $17,000 in ONE MONTH’: Single mom under fire for keeping her GoFundMe live after how she spent money revealed

‘$1600 for summer clothes is crazy!!!’


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Adrielle Sigler has quickly found herself to be one of the most hated people on TikTok. The single mom of three has been accused of duping her followers into sending her a bunch of cash through an online GoFundMe and using the cash in frivolous ways, like spending $3,000 a month in groceries alone, not including DoorDash fees and getting each of her kids new cell phones because they “need” them.

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A drama content creator on the application, ConspiraTea @conspirateatime, analyzed a financial breakdown Sigler gave of how she spent $17,000 a month, an amount she justified having to spend because she wants to be a good parent who makes her kids happy. ConspiraTea also highlights that Sigler, despite stating she pays for several months of rent in advance, didn’t mention what that cost of rent is.

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“Adrielle Sigler saying she spent $17,000 in ONE MONTH but has a Gofundme up for $30,000 Obviously, she could be lying, but this isn’t the first time that she has bragged about how much money she makes off of this app,” the creator claimed in her caption. “She also tried to move in 2023 and has had previous gofundme accounts.”

“The GoFundMe link is in my bio. The GoFundMe link is staying in my bio,” the single mom says at the top of the video before the video transitions to her recording herself as she sits in her car, continuing to talk about receiving charity from internet strangers. This month I spent close to $17,000…I’m a single stay-at-home mom of three. So I’m financially responsible for three little humans.”

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It’s at this point in the video that ConspiraTea decides to chime in with her own two cents on the situation. “I’ll spare you the rest of the video but here’s what she spent $17,000 a month on,” she says. The next portion of the video shows a written breakdown of the single mother’s finances. “All while asking for $30,000,” the TikToker adds with the single mom’s finances lingering in the background as she goes through the list section by section.

“So she pays her rent months in advance but she didn’t tell us how much. Then she says her car had to be totally repaired, whatever that means. That was $5,000. Then she had to get a rental car. That was $1,000,” she said. “Kids clothes for summer, $1,600. Groceries, $3,000 a month. DoorDash, $800. Gas, couple hundred dollars, car payment, didn’t say how much. Utilities, $800 a month, internet, didn’t say.”

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Next up are Sigler’s phone bills. “She personally has 2 phones so those bills didn’t say how much, each of her kids has a cell phone didn’t say how much. In-app subscriptions, didn’t say,” ConspiraTea says. “Kids allowance — didn’t say, things off of Amazon, makeup, hair stuff, supplements, things around the house, then says she also rents a garage but she hadn’t paid that yet.

ConspiraTea then includes a clip of Sigler’s video. “If you’re a single mom and you’re supporting three kids, then some months—you know, rent is due, and your car needs to be fixed—you can easily spend $15-$20,000 a month,” Sigler says. “Let’s not forget birthdays, oh my God. And hair salons. You know having kids…okay maybe you don’t have to spend money at hair salons but you probably should if you want your kids to be happy. You don’t have to put them in sports but you should if you want your kids to be happy. I’m generous. I’m super generous. I invest all of my time into making a living through social media. And in return, that goes back to my kids.”

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She caps off her statement on her parenting philosophy. “I wouldn’t be a good parent if I just let my kids live in the bare minimum that’s not…who the f*ck wants to do that?” Sigler says. “This is the month my kids needed new cell phones, too, I forgot about that.”

TikTok isn’t the only place where people have questioned Sigler’s spending practices online. YouTubers have broken down the controversy that’s been surrounding her name.

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In a Reddit post dedicated to hating on the woman, numerous people accused her of exploiting false victimhood for profit. One person wrote that she was even engaged in an online feud with a minor. “The vegan local celebrity with a victim mentality is her whole personality I saw yesterday she was doxxing a minor all day so she could beg for some more $1 tips,” a Redditor said. “Is Jamestown really as bad and infested with crime as she makes it? Does she really live in a bad area? I know she spends most of her days in delulu land so just curious.”

A Change.org petition was uploaded to try and garner the attention of TikTok mods to get Sigler kicked from the application and spread awareness of her “scam” practices.

The petition claims that one of her children lives with Sigler’s father and that she is constantly attempting to “scam” people through either frivolous lawsuits or attempting to garner sympathy online from individuals to donate to her GoFundMe account.

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Sigler previously went viral on TikTok for alleging that a person she saw on Tinder was placed on a Most Wanted list and proving a male Instacart shopper wrong by heading to the grocery store she asked him to shop at, and locating the products he said he couldn’t find.

@conspirateatime Replying to @KingZippy Adrielle Sigler saying she spent $17,000 in ONE MONTH but has a Gofundme up for $30,000 Obviously, she could be lying, but this isn’t the first time that she has bragged about how much money she makes off of this app. She also tried to move in 2023 and has had previous gofundme accounts. ##tiktoktea##adriellesigler##veganrizz ##greenscreenvideo ♬ original sound – ConspiraTea
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Commenters who saw ConspiraTea’s video couldn’t believe all of the money Sigler was spending on her lifestyle.

One person wrote they were gobsmacked by how a stay-at-home mom was able to generate that much income: “But how she’s a stay at home mom. Where the money coming from.”

Another wrote, “$3k on groceries AND Door dash??”

Someone else said, “$17,000 would change my life. Omg.”

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“$1600 for summer clothes is crazy!!! And $3000 for groceries is crazier!!” a further commenter said.

One person in the comments section of ConspiraTea’s video said that that amount of money would effectively change their life if they received it: “I’m a single mom and the way my life would change if I had 17k a month to spend.”

Someone else just couldn’t believe four people went through that much food in a single month: “$800 on DoorDash is absolutely insane. And $3,000 a month for groceries. There is no way 3 kids and an adult go through that much food.”

Another single parent remarked, “I single parent 3 kids and all bills combined is about $2800 17k is wiiiiild.”

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The Daily Dot has reached out to Sigler via email and ConspiraTea via TikTok comment for further information.

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