Woman orders $19 Sweetgreen salad on DoorDash. She can’t believe what she received

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‘I’m legitimately flabbergasted??’: Woman orders $19 Sweetgreen salad on DoorDash. She can’t believe what she received

‘I can’t even eat dinner.’


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Many DoorDash drivers are in a hurry to complete as many orders as they can. It’s kind of like the game Crazy Taxi, just without The Offspring playing and cars that are invulnerable to any type of damage. The more orders a driver can complete in a set amount of time, the more money they can average.

However, in that pursuit of fatter payouts, the customer experience can suffer, namely in meals that have been ruined, like this one Casey’s pizza purchaser who was out $70 after ordering several pies via the food delivery application.

Sweetgreen customer Cali Bacino (@calissabacino) is also airing her gripes with the restaurant chain and DoorDash about the gnarly-looking order she received.

“This is an open TikTok to Sweetgreen and/or DoorDash. I don’t know fully whose fault this is, but,” she says before uttering some noises expressing her frustration with the food ordering experience she just had.

“Tonight, I decided to order Sweetgreen for the second time ever,” she continues. “The other night, I ordered it for the first time. I tried to order on DoorDash for literally an hour, wouldn’t work no matter what I did. So I went to the store and got it, had an unpleasant experience. It is what it is. Thought I would give it a second try; it was a long day at work.

The TikToker went on to state that even though the food ordering application was offering a steep discount for the food, she was still left paying $19 for the order she was less than satisfied with. “DoorDash was doing a little 40 percent off deal,” she says. “Keep in mind, after the 40 percent, I still paid $19 for this and tipped the Dasher.”

“Which, by the way, they see your tip beforehand now to decide if they even wanna take your order, even though they can still do a sh*tty job after, which—” she sighs again, seemingly holding back harsh words as she holds a hand up to the camera. At the same time, her head hovers over what appears to be a green screen image of the order she received that she’s waiting to reveal to her viewers.

“So for my $19 to DoorDash and Sweetgreen, which, do the math on what it would have been [approximately $26.60], this is what I got,” Bacino says before finally moving out of the way of the photograph she was covering up for the duration of the video.

The photo shows the inside of a paper bag. In it lies a salad container that came undone, with the food strewn about the bag. Bits of greens, meat, and what looks like quinoa rest on the brown paper. The lid of the salad is standing upright against the interior of the bag.

She writes in a text overlay, “this is so unsanitary so i can’t even eat dinner,” before going on to narrate what she found once she cracked open her delivery order: “Food spilled everywhere, bag crushed.”

It wasn’t just the presentation that upset her

Bacino says, taking note of the amount of food, including the bits that flew out of her container, “This isn’t even half of a kids portion. I paid $19. What happened?”

She added in a caption for the video that in addition to being upset, she was confused over how the Sweetgreen/DoorDash delivery collab could’ve gone so horribly wrong: “im legitimately flabbergasted??”

@calissabacino im legitimately flabbergasted?? @sweetgreen @DoorDash #greenscreen ♬ original sound – Cali Bacino

Other folks who’ve had issues with their orders from DoorDash haven’t been shy about voicing their opinions on the quality of service they receive from drivers, like this one Redditor who proclaimed in a r/unpopularopinion post, “The worst part of Doordash is almost always the driver.”

In their diatribe against the app’s contractors, they said that delivery workers will often drive “like maniacs until your food is flipped over on itself” and then “b*tch…about only receiving a 25% tip.”

Several people who responded to Bacino’s post called out Sweetgreen for the salad’s construction, including one person who said they formerly worked for the chain and were appalled at the way the TikToker’s food arrived. “As a prior Sweetgreen employee we are required to use stickers to close the bowl (which they didn’t use here) and also I have no idea what you ordered but it definitely looks like a 1/3 of the portion,” they wrote.

One person who said that they were a DoorDash driver wrote that Bacino’s supposition about seeing the tip in advance is incorrect. “I’m a dasher and we can’t see the tip before hand! hope this helps!” they said.

However, others rejected this, stating that when they worked for DoorDash, they were always able to see tips as they came up. “They have always shown the tip to the driver,” a viewer countered. “I used to dash a while ago.”

Someone else who said they were a former Sweetgreen employee wrote that they consistently had issues with ensuring the chain’s food containers stayed closed. “I used to work at sweetgreen and I’m sure the lid popped off, the lids are so hard to stay closed and this would happen all the time, I would go in and I’m sure they will give you a free meal!” they noted.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Cali via Instagram direct message and TikTok comment and to Sweetgreen and DoorDash via email for further information.

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