graphic design is my passion text written in papyrus with a clipart of a green frog against a cloudy gray background

Graphic Design Is My Passion—the meme behind the internet’s greatest creations

This one’s for the MS paint pros.


Angela Andaloro


“Graphic design is my passion” is an expression that gained fame on Tumblr as users put together crudely photoshopped memes with clipart. Over time, the phrase has become one of the most used in online spaces.

Though technology has progressed and we have more tools at our disposal than Microsoft Paint, that doesn’t mean we don’t still break it out in some of our silliest and most online moments.

What does “graphic design is my passion” mean?

“Graphic design is my passion” is a phrase that originated as a sarcastic comment by a 2014 Tumblr user. The phrase was meant to be a jab at a clipart image of a frog being photoshopped over a stock image of a dark and cloudy sky. The phrase, which appears in red papyrus font in the meme, speaks to the quality of the created meme.

original 'graphic design is my passion' meme

The phrase was originally used predominately by different designers and digital artists, but it gained popularity in the following months.

Where did the “graphic design is my passion” memes come from?

Tumblr users took the phrase from its slightly sarcastic origin to humorous new heights. It started when they started applying the phrase as a reply on other posts. Notably, it was used to poke fun at the Tumblr staff’s content in mid-2014.

From there, it was common to see the meme from which the phrase originated repeated as commentary on other posts and projects.

graphic design is my prison meme
graphic design is our passion meme

The meme would later break away from Tumblr and come to be used all across the internet. Whether it was mocking someone’s legit attempt at design or poking fun at their own intentional bad decisions, it’s one of the internet’s most common inside jokes today. Graphic design is our collective passion, really, and the memes are here to stay.

Graphic Design Is My Passion memes

In Body Image
In Body Image
tweet with a photo of mount olympus with a whale that reads 'For my 801 Day Flag I’m making to celebrate Salt Lake City (801 is SLC’s area code), I’ve been soliciting ideas. Someone requested “Whale with Mount Olympus in the background” — think I nailed it. Graphic Design is my passion.'
Bernie Sanders-themed graphic design is my passion post
Tweet reading 'graphic design is my passion' inspired by a happy holiday graphic from the FBI
graphic designer surrounded by 'graphic design is my passion' memes
kid pix software with the caption 'graphic design is my passion'
sale sign in every microsoft word art font with the caption 'graphic design is my passion'
'graphic design is my passion' caption on a photo of a difficult to read restaurant sign about their hours

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