The best Joe Biden memes that stand the test of time

The internet will never forget the VP who loved ice cream, Obama, and you.

May 27, 2018, 6:00 am

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Mike Rothschild

joe biden memes

Pete Souza (Public Domain)

With his heartfelt love of trains, tendency to drop soundbites without consideration for curse words or reaction, oft-deployed finger guns, and his bromance with former President Obama, Joe Biden is one of the most-memed figures on the internet. He may be out of office, but the best Joe Biden memes will live on. 

The funniest Joe Biden memes come from a unique understanding of Biden’s mannerisms, his relationship with Obama, and the power of social media to deliver jokes. Wholesome content doesn’t emerge from the White House much these days, but thankfully, Biden’s best VP moments stand the test of time. 

They reflect a vice president who—love him or hate him—knew he was a revered media figure and managed to keep his sense of humor about him.

The best Joe Biden memes on the internet

Hope, change, puns

best joe biden memes @sameverlark_/Twitter


Joe clearly not taking it well after Donald Trump won the election

best joe biden memes @zandarVTS/Twitter


He’s REALLY not taking it well

joe biden meme Pinterest

Even celebrities are powerless to resist the Joe Biden meme

obama biden memes Aaron Paul/Twitter

Sadly, hitting a president is in fact against the law

biden trump memes @JillBidenVeep/Twitter

Hates: Oppression, injustice, racism


obama biden memes Pinterest

The Biden memes that don’t even include Biden

joe biden barack obama memes Jobama/Instagram

When Joe puts the new guy in his place

joe biden Tiay Lawrence/Instagram


Joe doesn’t care if you bring your own router

joe biden meme

The true American icon that is Joe Biden during the Easter Egg Roll

biden obama memes Pinterest

The nuclear family can be anything you want it to be

obama biden memes @JillBidenVeep/Twitter

Joe takes on the Wet Bandits

joe biden memes @deanfortythree/Twitter

Joe’s good. Joe’s always good.

joe biden memes Pinterest

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