Man flipping off camera in viral video

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‘Go back to Africa’: Man yells ‘white power’ at Black man, does Nazi salute in viral video

'Today my brother was minding his black*ss business.'


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Posted on Oct 13, 2021   Updated on Oct 14, 2021, 10:44 am CDT

On Oct. 12, model Aunjoli Jean-Pierre shared an encounter between her brother in Seattle and a white man hurling racist slurs in a now-viral video.

“So today my brother was minding his blackass business and this man came up to him and yelled ‘white power’ with his chest!!” Jean-Pierre wrote. “I need one of those Twitter do ya thang moments. There should be no reason this man is [this] comfortable acting like this.”

The video shows a white man walking away from the camera and yelling the N-word at Jean-Pierre’s brother, @kdcutz. The man continues to yell slurs and does the Nazi salute toward the camera. @kdcutz follows the man to his car and captures his license plates on video. The man drives off while saying “white power” and telling @kdcutz to “go back to Africa.”

In his post to Instagram about the incident, @kdcutz said he had returned to Seattle three hours prior. “I can’t believe this man thought he could walk around like this without meeting opposition.”

He told the Daily Dot that as he was walking out of a community center, he heard the man yell, “White power.” 

“My first reaction is ‘Oh my gosh, did you hear that?’ And I’m looking in my direction. I look for this person and they’re looking at me and like, ‘Yeah, I said it,’ and they say it again,” he said. “I’m like, what are you talking about, and they start just going off. I whip my phone out immediately.”

@kdcutz further says that he took the video so that man’s face could be identified and so the community “could know to be safe and stay away from him.”

The video got the attention of online creator Michael Mc or @tizzyent. He makes videos on TikTok finding and exposing the aggressors in similar videos. Michael Mc alleges the man is Michael Slawson.

In 2017, CNN reported on a man who was falsely accused of sending threatening voicemails and calls to mosques in Southern California. Michael Slawson was identified as the caller. @tizzyent also found that Slawson was charged with making criminal threats and attended a pretrial hearing in September. 

On his YouTube channel, Michael Slawson posted a video in which he is talking over a photo slideshow of the Central District area in Seattle.

@kdcutz assumes that their encounter happened as he was taking photos of the diverse mural and artwork in the area. Slawson recites in the video that these murals of historical Black figures is an example of the country being taken away from white people and “given to Black people.”

Despite the stress of the situation, @kdcutz said he is happy to see that people online were able to identify this man. 

“Power to the people at the end of the day, you know?” he said.

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*First Published: Oct 13, 2021, 11:30 pm CDT