In a TikTok, a man says that a restaurant was racist toward his date, who was Black.


‘I wouldn’t recommend this restaurant to anyone’: White TikToker says restaurant kicked out his date because she’s Black

He says he's filing a lawsuit against the bar's security.


Tricia Crimmins


Published Nov 22, 2021   Updated Nov 22, 2021, 1:55 pm CST

In a viral TikTok posted on Sunday, @theericbryanstone says that his date, a Black woman, faced discrimination while the two were having drinks at The Lovelace bar in New York City.

“She got there before I did, and they had her go to the back of the bar and restaurant,” Eric Bryan Stone says in the video, which was viewed over 473,000 by Monday. “Even though, when I got there, there was plenty of tables for two people in the front. But they made her go to the back.”

The pair then overheard groups of white women saying that they were bothered by @theericbryanstone being with a Black woman. Stone says the couple was eventually kicked out of the restaurant for being too drunk.

“We had two drinks each. They were doubles, but we had two drinks and one shot,” he explains in the TikTok. “That’s nothing.”

The TikToker said he spoke with multiple employees at the restaurant who told him that the reason they were being kicked out was that they were too drunk.


Last night I went on a date with a beautiful black woman. they put her in the back, tackled me, and kicked us out. #thelovelace #nyc #fidi #racism

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On his Instagram, Stone wrote when he refused to pay the bill, security at the restaurant tackled him and called the police.

“I will [be filing] a lawsuit against them for discrimination and body injuries,” he wrote on his Instagram. “Please leave a bad review on this place because they clearly are too comfortable doing this and I wouldn’t doubt they have a history of doing this to people of color.”

Stone posted a Yelp review of the restaurant written by another user that details customers of color being seated in the back of the restaurant.

“I wouldn’t recommend this restaurant to anyone,” the review from Xavier X. said. “Unless you want to be treated like you mean nothing and you are nothing. Never again.”

Instagram user says NYC bar discriminated against Black date.

Comments on Stone’s video discussed how prevalent racism and discrimination is, even in major metropolitan areas like New York City.

“It takes a strong non-Black man to date a Black woman & it’s not because the woman it’s because of society,” @idontwantausername324 wrote. “This is the BS interracial couples go through.”

“To the people shocked this happened in NY,” @ohkrssy commented, “New York is not some non racist utopia. It’s racist AF here.”

“Racism is real and never ended,” @jmdbxja wrote. “The year and location doesn’t mean you won’t encounter racists.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Stone and The Lovelace.

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*First Published: Nov 22, 2021, 1:28 pm CST