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‘You should be ashamed for trying to bash this man’: TikToker says DoorDasher went through her bag of food, sparking debate

She refused the delivery.


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Posted on Oct 25, 2021   Updated on Oct 26, 2021, 4:52 pm CDT

Video of a DoorDash employee who allegedly opened a customer’s bag of food has created controversy on TikTok. 

User @xxperience_xxcellence, the customer in the interaction, uploaded footage from a security camera showing the employee arriving at her door. In his hand, it appears that the adhesive has been removed, and the bag is being held together by his fist. 

In the first video, @xxperience_xxcellence narrates the footage, alleging that moments beforehand she saw the man stick his hand in the bag. The video, posted on Saturday, had over 355,000 views by Monday.


In a second video, unnarrated, you can hear their interaction: 

“No sir, I got you on my recorded video going all through my bag and separating food. I do not want that,” @xxperience_xxcellence says.

“I have two different orders,” the man replies, “I was making sure your order was—”

“You don’t put two different orders in one bag, sir. That’s not how it works,” the TikToker says.


In the footage, the man returns to his car that stalls outside @xxperience_xxcellence’s home. After a few minutes, two different individuals emerge from the car and approach the door to engage with @xxperience_xxcellence again. 

The interaction has been interpreted in multiple ways.  

User @kinggcourtt expressed little sympathy, saying, “And you can delete my comment all you want but you were wrong and you should be ashamed for trying to bash this man for doing his job.” 

A user claiming to be a DoorDash employee, @blnd_bombshel, said, “If the receipt is not marked with there [sic] name i keep a pen and write the names on bags and cups, you are not supposed to dig through it.” 

“And definitely not supposed to just sit outside someone’s house,” @blnd_bombshel added. 

In the first video, @xxperience_xxcellence explained how uncomfortable she felt with multiple people in the car and their choice to stall outside her home after she refused the order. 

User @superonbrand commented, “Girl just don’t order if you that scared.” 

Another TikTok user claiming to be a DoorDash employee, @mello_vibe offered an explanation: “Well when I did doordash i brought people with me cause people you deliver too [sic] are crazy too.“

Supporting the customer in the interaction, @thatboyryan03 stated, “People are gonna have all kinds of opinions on this vid, but the point is he put his hands in her bag of food and that’s a big no no.” 

Update 2:27pm CT, Oct. 26: The Daily Dot spoke to user @xxperience_xxcellence, or Gia Love, about her experience the night of the DoorDash delivery and the reaction that the video has stirred up.

Love recalls that she saw the car stall outside her home for a few minutes. She said it caught her off guard when she noticed multiple people in the car and saw them appear to pass around a bag of food.  When the first man arrived at her door with an opened bag and the wrong order, she was concerned. 

“I don’t know what they were doing, but it was wrong,” she says. “Whatever they were doing was wrong.”

Love said when the woman and second man approached the door, she didn’t feel safe.

“Even if that was the correct Dasher, I didn’t understand why [the woman and second man] would come to the door. Not only did I say I didn’t want it, but… You’re trying to force me to take the food,” Love said. “It just didn’t make any sense to me. Like this is a bit intimidating, you know, and I’m new to the area.” She added that she recently relocated to Georgia. 

Love said between 3am and 3:30am, she received conflicting information from DoorDash support services. At one point, according to Love, an employee on the phone told her the Dasher had confirmed they left, but Love could still see the car outside her door. 

For commenters on her video who say she overreacted to the situation, Love stressed: “It truly is a safety issue because you just don’t know what a person is capable of.” 

A DoorDash spokeswoman said the delivery platform is investigating the incident.

“The trust and safety of our community is extremely important, and we take reports like this very seriously,” the spokeswoman said. “Our policies strictly prohibit Dashers from tampering with customer orders, which can and does lead to removal from our platform.” 

Love said she has not been contacted by DoorDash since the night of the incident. She hopes that the attention from her video can prompt changes in DoorDash and delivery app safety procedures. “This could’ve happened at any time of day,” she added.

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*First Published: Oct 25, 2021, 1:49 pm CDT