two karens are mad at taco bell employee for price of order tiktok

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‘You’re pathetic’: Taco Bell Karens place $200 order—and get mad about the cost

‘My daddy owns this corporation, I swear to god.’


Heather Stewart


Taco Bell customer Austin De Leon (@aauzzie) posted a TikTok exposing a pair of so-called “Karens” for insulting an employee behind the counter over the cost of the food after placing a $200 order. Leon and other customers rallied in defense of the employee. 

The TikTok, which Leon posted four days ago, has over 150,000 views. 

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Leon said in a follow-up video that the two women in the video came in to pay for their food after ordering on the app. They were complaining about the price, so he started recording.  

“I feel sorry for your parents,” one of the women says to the employee at the beginning of the TikTok. “They need to do a better job.”

“I feel sorry for you guys,” the employee says sarcastically as he takes the to-go boxes off the counter. “Don’t even take the food.” 

One of the women starts screaming at the employee. 

“We just paid for that goddamn food,” she says. “Put it down.”

Then, the other customers in the restaurant make their way into the conversation. 

“Hey ma’am, please quit yelling,” Leon says. “I’m trying to enjoy my food.” 

The Taco Bell employee sees that he’s filming and explains the situation. 

“$200 worth of food, and they get mad at us for the price,” he says to the camera. 

“You’re pathetic,” another customer says to the woman. 

“My daddy owns this corporation, I swear to god,” another customer jokes. 

The women are clearly distraught as they look back at the group of customers. 

Business Insider reported that Taco Bell inflated its prices more than any other fast-food chain between the summer of 2020 and 2021. The employees are not responsible for the cost of items. But as the middlemen between corporate and customers, they are often the first to get complaints. 

The Taco Bell customers in the TikTok weren’t going to let the women get away with making rude comments and yelling. Commenters commended them for coming together in support of the Taco Bell employee. 

“New generations sticking up to Karens. Love it,” one person commented. 

“I love Gen Z,” another person wrote. 

Taco Bell did not immediately respond to the Daily Dot’s request for comment.

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