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‘don’t open the cardboard all the way’: McDonald’s worker shows how they ration French fries when you order a large in viral TikTok

‘I never get that many fries in my large.’


Clara Wang


A McDonald’s employee says fellow workers don’t fill the container up all the way when a customer orders large fries in a viral TikTok.

@nnennaaaa6 is a McDonald’s employee and TikTok content creator with 12,000 followers. Her video showing how McDonald’s workers only partially open the cardboard contained for large fries to save fries got over 8,424 views and 194 likes in just 9 hours today.

Captioned, “shhh,” the video shows @nnennnaaaa6 scooping fries at McDonalds and pinching the bottom of the container shut because they don’t have that many fries left.

A text overlay reads, “How we make our large fries… don’t open the cardboard all the way saves you more fries for others.”

It appears that she employs this method to save fries when there aren’t many fries left in the basket and they don’t have time to make more. Commenters joked that this happens a lot.

“I don’t think so, I never get that many fries in my large,” says @papabird1968.

” don’t open the cardboard all the way ,” says @officially26.

“Night shift fss 😂” says @breyana.irie.

There are about 498 calories in a large McDonald’s French fry container, and about 66 grams of carbohydrates.

Daily Dot reached out to @nnennaaaa6 and McDonald’s for comment via TikTok message and email.

Editor’s note: Due to a technical error, our original message to this TikToker may not have been delivered. We have since reached out.

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