TikToker says Karen called fire department because he was grilling in his backyard.


‘Karen is taking this neighbor war f*cking seriously’: TikToker says neighbor called fire department over backyard barbecue

It was allegedly her third false report.


Dan Latu


Published Nov 12, 2021   Updated Nov 15, 2021, 1:45 pm CST

A viral TikTok video shows a man explaining a fiery neighborhood battle between him and a so-called “Karen” who lives nearby.

“Well Karen has taken this neighbor war fucking seriously,” @quinpratt5 says as the camera pans to fire department vehicles. The TikToker, whose bio identifies him as Quinn Pratt, says he was grilling for his family when the fire and rescue team arrived at his house because his neighbor reported an “uncontained, illegal” fire.

His explanation of the situation has over 4 million views on the video platform.

Pratt, who’s wearing a “Karen” T-shirt, says he was only grilling and that he allowed the fire department to search the premises, where they found nothing.

He says the fire department then visited his next-door neighbor, where the TikToker overheard her saying, “According to HOA and city laws you cannot have a fire unless it is in a pit in the ground. So obviously he’s in clear violation.” 

In his video, Pratt says the firefighter looked at the neighbor and said, “Ma’am you do know this is now the third time you called in a fake report right? We are now going to write you a citation for wasting city resources.” 

Users were in agreement that the “Karen” in the neighbor war was way out of line for calling first responders over a backyard barbecue.

“How has she not been arrested??” TikToker @geeg2two said.

“Its hilarious when they bring up the HOA like that’s law lol,” user @justinjj94 said. “That stuff is to be brought up with the HOA, not the police.”

@yokaislayer93 suggested, “They need to start red flagging numbers who make false reports.” 

Many commenters hoped the neighbor faced consequences for her actions. 

“They better have followed through with the citation,” @Partyoflogic said. “She must be a pretty miserable, unhappy person.” 

User @Curlypearl_25 put it simply. “I love happy endings,” they wrote.

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*First Published: Nov 12, 2021, 5:54 pm CST