In a video posted on Reddit, a Karen couple attempts to enter a man's house without an appointment with their real estate agent.


‘Go lick a d*ck’: ‘Karen’ couple insult homeowner after trying to enter his house, dividing viewers

The owner is selling but said, 'They did NOT have an appointment or agent present.'


Tricia Crimmins

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Published Sep 19, 2021   Updated Sep 20, 2021, 10:25 am CDT

In a video posted on Reddit on Sept. 19, a couple is seen berating Reddit user u/namsted who is selling his house. According to u/namsted, the couple showed up to his property without an appointment or a real estate agent, and tried to open his door while he was in his house.

When u/namsted goes on to his driveway to confront the pair, the woman calls him an “asshole” and tells him to “go away.”

“You can go lick a dick,” she says to him.

When u/namsted notes that the couple has a child with them, the woman yells at him about her reproductive organs.

“Let me tell you something I know, someone trying to sell their home doesn’t try to drive away a buyer,” says the man. “We’ll drive away when we’re damn good and ready.”

u/namsted says he doesn’t want the couple’s money and asks them to leave because their car is blocking his driveway. They refuse to move.

The couple then says their agent hadn’t yet arrived, and that they aren’t trespassing on u/namsted’s property.

Others Redditors in the comments shared horror stories of people attempting to view their house without an appointment.

“A prospective buyer started pulling on my door and banging on the windows while I was asleep,” wrote u/2four. “I called the police that there was an illegally parked trespasser trying to break and enter my home. They kindly escorted her away.”

But some weren’t so convinced that the couple was in the wrong.

“Both sides here seem like douchebag supremes, just based on the video and no other context,” commented u/JoshHutchins.

u/RonTrouser seemed to agree. “We’re missing a lot of context in this post,” they commented. “or all we know they did apologize and went back out to contact their agent. At which point [u/namsted] came out filming them and trying to get their license plate number, which just about anybody would have a negative reaction to.”

Commenters could agree that the Karen’s vulgar language was egregious, though.

“Sorry for the kid having a mom like that,” wrote u/holyrasta.

u/namsted did not immediately respond to the Daily Dot’s request for comment.

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*First Published: Sep 19, 2021, 10:27 am CDT