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‘If we see someone stealing food or baby formula, we didn’t see anything’: Family allegedly gets caught stealing at Walmart self-checkout in viral TikTok, sparking debate

‘I could care less about big corporations. They obviously needed the food.’


Stacy Fernandez


A family was allegedly caught stealing from a Walmart self-checkout in a viral TikTok video, and viewers are polarized.

“Don’t steal from Walmart self checkout!! [They’re] on it. Lol This whole family got caught stealing groceries,” the video overlay says.

The video shows man and woman standing with a cart full of bagged groceries. There are two other people standing around them, but it’s unclear whether they’re part of their group or are just watchful bystanders.

A woman in black, who seems to be a Walmart employee, starts putting unbagged items in their cart while talking and pointing at the couple, but what she’s saying can’t be heard.

The lyrics, “Oh no, oh no, oh no no no no,” from Kreepa’s song “Oh No,” play in the background.

The video, posted by @thatoctobeer, has more than 3 million views on the app and was posted with the hashtag “#dontsteal.”

Some people in the comments section agreed with @thatoctobeer, saying, “Stealing is wrong plain and simple.”

“There is no excuse to steal anything! Anyone that thinks is OK is why our society is the way it [is],” a commenter wrote.

“To everyone saying they needed the food…then they should have went to a food bank!!!” another person wrote.

But the majority of the top comments were from people on the family’s side, arguing that people shouldn’t be punished for stealing food and other necessities.

“Remember guys if we see someone stealing food or baby formula, we didn’t see anything,” a commenter wrote.

“I could care less about big corporations. they obviously needed the food. everyone is going through it right now,” a person said.

“The money Walmart has made off this pandemic, they should be helping out more with those in need,” a commenter added.

Others expressed that “self checkout should have a discount anyway since they’re making us work there.”

The Daily Dot reached out to @thatoctobeer via TikTok comment and to Walmart via email.

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