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‘I hate having you’: Customer films himself insulting McDonald’s employee in viral video

'This is the experience of almost all fast food workers'


Rachel Kiley


Posted on Oct 10, 2021   Updated on Oct 13, 2021, 10:19 am CDT

A video making the rounds on Reddit is being held up as an example of just how frustrating dealing with rude customers can be, especially in the modern age.

Some guy going through the drive-thru at what appears to be a McDonald’s late at night decided he had had enough of the employee acting “impatient” with him when he drives through allegedly drunk.

“Can I ask you something, by the way?” the customer asks from his car, opting to record the entire interaction. 

Rather than actually ask a question, he proceeds with berating the employee: “I’m sure you’re this way with everyone. You’re just very impatient. Like, if you don’t want this job, you don’t have to be here. I’m just letting you know. You literally rush my order every time and I hate having you.”

The idea that people can simply quit their low-paying jobs and go work somewhere else is something often used by entitled customers and employers to justify treating workers badly, but switching jobs isn’t typically that simple. 

But that didn’t stop the rude customer from continuing on his rant as the employee listened.

“I’m just telling you, you have the choice to have a different profession. This isn’t a profession. I’m sure you’re just very incompetent and have to work here. But I’m not being ignorant either,” he rambles on. “It’s just like, I come here to get food. Who cares if I’ve been drinking or doing whatever, I come here at a late night hour, I get food, every time I have you, I fucking hate it. It makes me sick.”

After a full minute of this, the employee apologizes and moves to close the window, even as the customer continues insulting him. 

Viewers commented on the audacity of the customer to degrade the worker, take his sweet time in the drive-thru lane, and seemingly admit to driving drunk. Folks also were surprised the customer willingly posted this online.

“Imagine being so tone deaf that you would actually post this thinking people would be on your side,” wrote u/Sm0keTrail.

“Imagine getting angry that you don’t get treated like a prince at fucking Wendy’s at 2:30am,” said u/crazyraisin1982. “Fuck this guy. What a douchebag.”

“That’s the thing with assholes. They can’t read the room for shit,” u/ZoeLaMort added. “They have a complete lack of self-awareness, no introspection, never a moment of clarity where they stop to question their behavior and think: ‘Wow, that wasn’t very nice of me.’”

It’s unclear where this video originated, or if the employee faced any negative consequences thanks to this customer’s bad attitude or subsequent attempt to shame him on the internet. But to redditors, the real villain of the story is pretty clear.

The Daily Dot reached out to McDonald’s for comment.

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*First Published: Oct 10, 2021, 3:43 pm CDT