man speaking facing right caption 'These old wyte ppl was mad i was on ft with my friend at the bar' (l) woman speaking hand on chin man standing next to her arms out (c) man speaking facing right caption ''of course your not going to listen cause your a prick' (r)


‘You need to take an etiquette class’: Couple berates man for talking on FaceTime while sitting next to them at a bar

‘Like GTFO out my face.’


Tricia Crimmins


A couple at a bar yelled at a TikToker for talking on FaceTime near them.

In a TikTok posted by Bentley (@rawchayah) on Thursday, he captures the incident. The video begins with the couple telling Bentley that he’s “speaking loudly” in a “public place.” Bentley tells the couple that his FaceTime has “nothing to do” with them and that they can have their “own conversation.”

“If you don’t think that’s rude, you need to take an etiquette class,” one of the people tells him. Bentley tells them they have no right to tell him he’s rude. The woman, who seems to have an English accent, alls him a “prick.”

Bentley then imitates her accent and says “I’m so sorry.” The woman responds by telling him to “go fuck himself.”

“Like GTFO out my face,” Bentley wrote in the video’s caption. “If I was on a normal phone call you still would have said I was being 2 loud.”

On Tuesday, Bentley’s video had almost 3 million views.


like gtfo out my face if i was on a normal phone call you still would have said i was being 2 loud

♬ original sound – Bentley

Many commenters thought Bentley mocking the woman’s accent was hilarious.



“I know her bf wanted to laugh so bad when you started mocking her accent,” @user848654788 commented.

Other commenters sided with Bentley and said that he wasn’t doing anything wrong by Facetiming a friend while at a bar.

“If you was with a friend then you would be talking the same way,” @jojo.aaron commented. “Like come on being on ft the same thing.”

“I NEVER GET BEING MAD AT THAT it’s producing the same noise as if the person was sitting next to me,” @rachelocoolmua wrote. “WHATS THE DIFFERENCE TO BEING ON THE PHONE??!”

“I swear they NEED problems in their life to SURVIVE,” @banishedprincess commented.

The Daily Dot reached out to Bentley via Instagram direct message.

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