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Anti-Trump crowd tries to claim call logs in newly released Epstein files reveal Melania’s hidden past

The wild speculation is incorrect.


Mikael Thalen


A judge in Florida released transcripts from the 2006 prosecution of pedophile Jeffrey Epstein on Tuesday, leading to a new conspiracy theory involving former President Donald Trump’s wife.

The nearly 200 pages of documents from the case, which saw Epstein ultimately avoid sex trafficking and rape charges after cutting a deal with prosecutors in 2008, include graphic details regarding the billionaire’s abuse.

The documents came thanks to a law signed by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) allowing what are typically sealed documents to be released, given the vast public interest in the case.

One section of the release has left-wing conspiracy theorists enthralled.

Particularly, Trump’s name on scans of a message book detailing those who had contacted Epstein.

As stated by one user on X, Trump is said to have frequently contacted Epstein throughout 2004. Connections were quickly made to the fact that just one year later, Trump would marry his current wife, Melania.

“Prior to marrying Melania in January 2005, Trump was calling Jeffrey Epstein in 2004 on the regular. We see Donalds phone messages in the West Palm Beach indictment of Epstein, released today,” X user @MailePRMedia wrote. “His messages are in between girls calling to confirm ‘massage appointments’ and messages from disgraced modeling agent Jean Luc Brunel. What did they talk about?”

Many saw the mention of Trump’s wife as an insinuation that he had met, or perhaps even purchased, Melania from Epstein.

Despite no evidence whatsoever to back up the vague claim, the theory spread like wildfire among certain anti-Trump users on social media.

“Holy moly!” another proclaimed. “Right before Trump married Melania in January 2005, Trump called Jeffrey Epstein numerous times through 2004.”

One user even went as far as to refer to Melania as an “Epstein worker,” although there are no known connections between the two.

“Donald Trump appears in Jeffrey Epstein’s call logs multiple times in 2004, prior to marrying nude-model Melania Trump in 2005,” @AsadYR added. “Probably nothing.”

But the theory willfully ignores the fact that it’s well-known how Trump and Melania met. They were not introduced by Epstein, and the two dated on and off until they wed in 2005.

Others viewed the new documents in a less conspiratorial manner, and instead noted that Trump having a relationship with Epstein just prior to his marriage was, to say the least, disrespectful to his soon-to-be wife.

“Well…Well…Well..Guess who’s name is all over the Jeffrey Epstein document dump in Florida???” the user @the_maga_thorn asked. “Several telephone calls to Jeffery Epstein while dating Melania. This poor lady was treated exactly how this Depraved Donny feels about immigrants.”

However, all versions of the theory are likely incorrect.

Reporting from the Washington Post showed how Trump and Epstein were fighting over who would get to purchase a piece of oceanfront property in Florida during 2004, which could explain the frequent calls.

And while it is confirmed that Epstein was involved in human trafficking and had relationships with some of the world’s most powerful people, conspiracy theorists still can’t stop themselves from inventing claims with no actual backing.

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