We now present a dramatic reading of the most NSFW Q&A in history

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The legend of DoubleD**kDude lives on.

In theory, Reddit’s Ask Me Anything threads are a forum for communication at its most evolved, allowing users to broaden the horizons of humanity through a unlimited, uncensored exchange of ideas and philosophies.

In practice, that's true—we just never thought we'd be learning about what it's like to have two penises (link is safe for work) from a guy called DoubleDickDude.

DDD's Reddit AMA went viral back in January. But the double trouble didn’t stop there. A group of college students got together and turned the Q&A into a video that's deserves some kind of Internet Oscar. In terms of phallus questioning, you can't top this. 

H/T Reddit | Photo via teuobk/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

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When most people turn 18, they’re excited to be a legal adult because they can vote, buy cigarettes and porn, and be snotty to their parents about how they’re totally not a kid anymore. But one Redditor counted down the days to his 18th birthday for an unusual reason: He wanted to show everyone in the online community a picture of his irregular testicles without getting them in trouble for looking at child porn.
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