YouTube is a digital video platform created in 2005. It is home to user-uploaded content as well as brand content. YouTube has developed its own ecosystem of creators and fans who’ve elevated stars and kickstarted entertainment careers.

YouTube stars say unfair copyright claims are making their lives hell
YouTubers are also losing lots of money.
How many devices can you stream YouTube TV with at once?
Stream YouTube originals on Roku, Xbox, your smart TV, and more.
Wall Street Journal website hacked with ‘apology’ to PewDiePie
The 'public apology' also included Drake memes.
YouTube star James Charles feels ‘unsafe’ after home address leaks
'If you’re ringing my doorbell eight times every three minutes and hiding behind my garbage cans, I will call the police.'
Shane Dawson is the YouTuber of the year
Dawson became a cultural force.
Logan Paul is the worst YouTuber of the year
Despite an international incident, the high-profile bro hasn't changed.
YouTube reviewer heads to homeless shelter to critique the food
Does this feel a little exploitive?
Here’s why YouTube deleted 58 million videos and a ton of accounts
YouTube says its flagging system is working.
Here are all the dumb, dangerous social media challenges of 2018
It's probably best if you don't try any of these at home.
Queen’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ is now the most-streamed song from the 20th century
It's been a year of reacting to the classic rock song.
PewDiePie promotes YouTube account that features anti-Semitism, Nazi imagery
Does PewDiePie deserve the benefit of the doubt?
Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes suspended from YouTube
McInnes described the move as "part of a concerted effort to completely deplatform" him.
YouTube’s 2018 Rewind video is officially the most-hated video of all time
It's not necessarily about who's in the video. It's about who's missing.
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