The blush, which retails for $40, went viral on #BeautyTok earlier this year for its unique formula. It’s infused with Dior’s original “color reviver technology,” which means that the product adapts to the pH balance and moisture of your skin, to provide a custom color.

“The hype is worth it,” Tiktok user L (@lunaticrising) sarcastically captioned her video, which shows the woman trying on the blush at Sephora.

But not everyone has been impressed.

She opens up the lid and rubs a decent amount onto her finger before swatching the product onto the top of her hand. But she was left disappointed when none of the product shows up, even after she rubs harder.

In the comments, some viewers expressed that the popular product is a waste of money. “Pigment sold separately!” one user wrote. Pigments are the particles that are used to give makeup color. The more pigment a product has, the more the color shows up.