In the video, TikToker SavvySavings (@savvysavings)  recorded herself walking through a Walmart store. “Ooh, a random aisle,” she began. “This right here is a sign to scan everything.”

“So now we’re gonna look at this,” she continued, pointing at the yellow clearance sticker on a comforter. “Another sign to scan; don’t trust your price. This was marked down on September 17th, and it was $14.97.”

The sticker shows a markdown cost of $9.00, but is the item really at its bottom dollar price? Not according to a screenshot the TikToker provided. “Now it is $5,” she said, pointing to an image she captured of the comforter’s product listing after scanning the item in the Walmart app.

“And next, the sheets. Now this one gets a little bit tricky … So these were marked down on October the 5th,” she said, pointing to another yellow clearance tag that showed an $11 price for the item. “You would think it’s still $11 bucks. No, ma’am.” she said.

The TikToker again displayed a screenshot of the online listing which showed that the sheets had dropped further from their original price of $21.94 down to only $5.

The TikToker wrapped up by repeating her reminder to shoppers to always check the prices of items online on Walmart’s app. “Moral of the story is don’t trust the price tags and scan everything, especially if it looks out of place,” she said.