So what exactly is a floor walker? They are folks who work for Walmart’s security team by posing as shoppers who amble around the store under the guise of picking up products, when their real function is to keep a watchful eye on anyone they may suspect of stealing.

TikTok user named Shug (@realshugg) decided to let folks on the platform know just how much he dislikes floor walkers. So he decided to flip the script on the purported security workers by floor walking them.

In the video, Shug posted that shows him pulling the floor walking Uno reverse card. Shug and another man can be seen keeping tabs on the store security worker who he believes was intently watching him while he pretended to shop for liquor.

As the suspected floor walker continues to allegedly pretend he was perusing items in the store, Shug and his friend are right there with him, picking up some products, taking a brief look at them, and setting them down.

At several points in the video, Shug beams a smile to the camera in the middle of his own floor walking routine, before locking right back into work as a mock secret shopper.

Several commenters appeared to agree with Shug’s assessment of the situation, stating that they, too, thought that the floor walkers were outing themselves with their behavior. “The fact that he didn’t even wanna look at y’all,” one person wrote.