Carlo’s Bake Shop, famous for being the TV home of Buddy Valastro aka the Cake Boss, has a series of ATM-style kiosks that can be found in hotels throughout Las Vegas. But a Vegas insider says you should keep walking on by if you’re craving fresh-baked quality.

Las Vegas tour guide and concierge Jennifer Gay aka VegasStarfish (@vegasstarfish) warns viewers “Of all the scams and hustles in Las Vegas the Carlo’s Bakery Cake Vending Machines irritate me the most,”

Jennifer shows herself picking up a slice of rainbow-hued cake from the machines as she speaks about how Vegas tourists line up in droves to use them.

“These machines imply that the cake is [made] fresh daily,” she claims. “Instead it’s flown in frozen from a warehouse in Jersey.” Carlo’s Bake House is based out of Hoboken, New Jersey.

“Look at those oxidized sprinkles,” she says as she displays the cake. Sure enough, the rainbow sprinkles have apparently “bloomed” due to oxidization, meaning the cake was packaged some time ago. Even without the label, Gay insists the cake is “the same dry, flavorless, and soaked in corn syrup garbage.”