In the TikTok, user Emiliano (@emiliano_2_33) wanted to try a Carnitas Salsa Verde Burrito but wasn’t sure if he would like it.

“Apparently at Trader Joe’s, if you want to try anything, you can,” he said in the video. “Do I just open it, take a bite?” Emiliano then approached a store employee and let them know he wanted to try the burrito. The worker responded, “I have never done that before.”

The employee directed Emiliano to the front of the store, saying he could ask the store managers. “People don’t just try stuff?” he asked them. “No, never,” the employee replied.

Emiliano told them he had previously asked a “dude with an iPad who looked important”—later identified in the video as Andrew—whether or not store policy would allow him to try the burrito and that he told him he “definitely” could.

Andrew later approached Emiliano and the other employee, confirming Emiliano could try the burrito in the store.

“This place is awesome. It’s cold, but for sure still sits at like a six or seven,” he said after trying it. “Warmed up, probably like an eight. I’m probably not going to buy it, but it’s bussin’.”

Several outlets have confirmed the Trader Joe’s “Try Before You Buy” policy. Insider reported that this policy understandably doesn’t extend to items like frozen vegetables and baking mixes. Insider also noted an employee must be present when a customer is trying an item.