A Target customer went viral after discovering a Shein label on a Shade & Shore bikini. TikToker Ashlee (@aarroyo1203) posted a video about the situation.

“I need somebody to answer my question here,” she begins. “I’m at Target shopping for swimsuits, and I’m looking at this brand, Shade & Shore, right? Shade & Shore. Cute.”

As she speaks, Ashlee shows several bikini tops that she pulled off the rack. They are all the same style and color, and they all have Shade & Shore tags on them. 

She then shows the item that prompted her to make the video: a matching bikini bottom with a Shein label inside, even though it has a Shade & Shore tag on the outside.

“Are these the same company?” she asks. “When you try to make semi of an effort to not support fast fashion, and then you’re at a store and figure out that they might be made by the same people. What’s going on here?”

Viewers attempted to answer Ashlee’s question in the comments section. “Is there a Shein label inside all of them?” someone questioned. “I’m wondering if someone pulled a fast one on Target and returned those bottoms.”