Popular Taco Bell worker Caleb Lennon (@caleb_lennon) answered the viewer question: “What happens when people pay with only change at Taco Bell?” “All currency is currency, so in 90% of these situations, we just count it out and accept it,” he started.

But, for Lennon, it’s a different story when customers attempt to pay in all coins in an effort to be petty. “We’ll tell them we’re not able to do it,” he said.

He then shared the story of a “rude” customer. “This guy already had an attitude from the start, and then he was complaining about the prices,”

Lennon said this confused him as he saw the customer with at least $20 in his wallet. “So I was thinking maybe he’ll get $3, $4 to pay the rest from his car, but he came in with a large bag completely filled up with nickels, pennies, quarters, dimes,” he said.

Lennon said that the customer saw that his order was going to be $23, so he went to his car for “some change.”

Lennon said the man sat the bag down on the counter and expected him to “just take out the” $23 for the order. “I told him I wasn’t gonna go through is bag and count it all out, but if he counted it out in front of me, I would accept it, but I was not gonna do it myself. And, of course, he took the bag back and just paid me with cash,”

Some viewers said they are understanding of patrons who try to pay for their meals with coins if they have no other option. However, they claimed it’s clear when someone is doing it simply to be difficult. “If that’s all someone truly has I get it, but if they’re deliberately being a dbag then eff them!” one exclaimed.