Milad Mirghahari (@miladmirg) has gained an impressive following on TikTok over the last couple of years, mostly through POV videos that show him making sandwiches at the Subway where he works.

One of his recent videos centered around the criticisms he’s heard about the sandwich franchise during his time as a content creator, and why he thinks it’s unfair.

“I’ve had so many people try to convince me Subway is trash, and I will never understand this perspective,” he admits in the clip.

“Number one, you literally make the sandwich. You pick ingredient per ingredient what goes onto your sandwich. So if you’re making a bad sandwich, that’s on you. I’m sorry.”

He also referenced arguments that the ingredients.

“Let’s start with the vegetables. I mean, they’re literally just tomatoes, lettuce, onions—like, all these vegetables are just vegetables sourced from every other place that gets them,” he said. “And then we go to the meats.”

“The one thing I will critique Subway on is the bread. I don’t know if it’s just me, or if it’s anybody else, but I always get very, very bad stomach aches whenever I had the Subway bread,” he admitted.

“The product is fine, it’s price-point that’s completely skewed now,” wrote @asagrimwotan. “That’s the only reason that I don’t frequent Subway anymore.” a viewer commented.