The video comes from creator Hawa (@hayhawa), who cheerfully discloses via the caption, “When you have one hour to do your close, everything can be done! come close my Starbucks store with me.”

In the clip, the Starbucks worker describes her closing routine, creates a to-do list (which has 16 different items on it), and simultaneously works and tackles items on said list.

She walks through specific items on the list for the camera, including restocking cups and lids, cleaning out coffee machines, and taking inventory of wasted foods.

“I looked at the milks,” the creator observed, “and was like, hmmm, these expire tomorrow. Guess who closes tomorrow? That’s right, I do — I’m going to have to dump all of those tomorrow.”

Commenters weighed in with their thoughts about the one Starbucks employee having to close the store down by herself. 

“Girl it looked like you did all that on the list yourself,” one proclaimed before asking, “Where’s the other baristas?”