Jose Martinez (@h3lpspreadtheword) is using TikTok to spread awareness about animal abuse at a PetSmart location in Bellingham, Mass. Jose begins his video by saying, “I was wrongfully terminated after letting them know animal cruelty was being taken too far in my store."

“Every day I used to come and have to save animals because of the wrongdoing of other employees and managers.” 

Martinez shows multiple betta fish stored in clear containers with no water. He alleges that the fish are kept in empty containers in the store’s backroom for hours, slowly dying.

He also shows a clear bag full of fish, both dead and alive, that he pulls out of a trash can. “Now that I’m not working there, I’m concerned about the well-being of all the animals that I left behind in the store.”

There are also other videos on his account showing various injured and dying animals being neglected in their cages and tanks.

Jose informed the Daily Dot that he reached out to corporate after about five months of working at PetSmart. He says that instead of rectifying the issue, the company claimed that his accusations were false, and they fired him. He also alleged that PetSmart forged his signature on documents.