A four-part series examining right-wing radicals’ impact on communities nationwide

Recently, the Daily Dot’s investigative reporter Claire Goforth traveled around the country where far-right extremists have relocated in recent years. This series examines the impact extremists are having on communities in multiple states.

Anti-immigration power couple has big plans to shape U.S. laws—from their castle in West Virginia

In 2020, the owners of the anti-immigrant website VDARE turned a historic castle in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia into their headquarters. The stone fortress has long been a source of local pride.

White nationalism infiltrates Idaho Republicans, where the ‘Christian Taliban’ is gaining influence

Idaho famously chased out the neo-Nazi Aryan Nations over 20 years ago. Today extremism has regained a foothold in this ultra-white, ultra-conservative state. 

‘He knows when to use humor; he can be very friendly and nice’: The neo-Nazi up the road

Christopher Pohlhaus leads one of the fastest growing neo-Nazi groups in America. In 2022, news broke that he planned to create a settlement for his group, the Blood Tribe, in northern Maine.

‘They do have blood on their hands. And they will have more’: A sunny haven for white nationalists

Far-right radicals like Jon Minadeo IIand other white nationalists use Florida as the backdrop to create propaganda and recruit new members.