An inconvenient part of winter is simply walking outside of your home without slipping and getting injured.

The CDC reports that around 1 million people are injured annually from slips and falls and that the rate of bodily harm from this specific scenario increases “significantly as temperatures decline.”

However, there is a way to make sure you can walk outside in even the iciest of conditions without falling, if a TikTok experiment is to be believed.

A TikToker named Jojo (@imliterallymexican) uploaded a video where she records a man who tests a hack.

“So apparently if you put on socks on the outside of your shoes you can walk on the ice better,” he says. The man then begins to test this hypothesis. 

First, he needs to see what it’s like walking outside without the socks and shows that even the thought of walking is nearly impossible in a standard pair of sneakers. The thin layer of ice has him slipping and sliding.

“Pretty attractive he quips,” before saying, “Moment of truth.” He ventures outdoors onto the icy porch again to assess whether or not the ice-walking hack works, but not before tapping the bottom of his trusty feet for good luck.

Once back inside the house, he whips the socks out again and then puts them over his sneakers.

“No way,” he repeats as he walks down the porch steps without any problem whatsoever—it appears that the socks hack is the real deal when it comes to walking on ice.

He gingerly tests his foot on the mound of ice then fully puts his weight on it.