‘I paid 100 grand for this car. It should open and close when I tell it to’: Man says his Tesla Cybertruck’s cover for truck bed stopped working

A Tesla Cybertruck owner recently shared his frustrations on TikTok about the vehicle seemingly malfunctioning. He says the tonneau cover won’t close.

The video, posted by Jeremy Judkins garnered over 16,500 views and counting, sparking a conversation about the practicality of the “high tech” motorized cover.

“Tesla Cybertruck tonneau cover isn’t closing.” A warning that appeared on the Cybertruck’s dashboard display. 

Visibly frustrated, Judkins walks to the back of his Cybertruck. He says, “What? I paid 100 grand for this car, it should open and close when I tell it to.”

He attempts to close the cover by repeatedly pressing the buttons on the back of the truck, but nothing happens. “It’s not working."