‘I seriously can’t trust Vita Coco again’: Customer finds mold inside ‘shelf-stable’ coconut water package

There have been a number of shoppers complaining about finding mold inside the packaging of popular products they regularly purchase,

Joan (@joan.er5) has uploaded a series of viral videos that have racked up millions of views delineating the eventual confirmations of her suspicions

She attempted to find an angle where the lighting would give viewers a better look at the contents of the bottle. “Can you see that?” she asks, referring to what looks like a gray growth inside of the bottle on camera. 

Vita Coco responded to Joan’s first video in a comment and the company reached out to Joan and offered to replace her purchase.

Another user on the app said that coconut water is best purchased from the refrigerator aisle and that shelf-stable packaging is not to be trusted. “What most people don’t know is that your not supposed to buy coconut water that’s been sold in stores out of the shelves. Get from the fridge aisle,” they suggested.