While most TikTokers share grocery store hacks, one user has gone viral for saying she just eats food at the grocery store then pays for just the wrapper.

Hannah looks directly into the camera and asks, “Am I the only one that eats my food at the grocery store and then … pay for the wrapper?” Viewers wonder whether or not this is legal.

Most viewers say they’ve done this. One person admitted, “I’ve done this once because I was thirsty & dehydrated. Normally I go to the store on a full stomach so I don’t overspend.”

Hannah assures viewers that “if it’s food, I’ll only open it if it’s self-checkout,” so the cashier doesn’t have to touch her wrapper. “If it’s a drink, I don’t care since it’s closed lol,””” she adds.

Hannah liked one comment that says, “I used to do this and then learned it’s actually not legal lol.”